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The Craven Sluck1967

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  • 3.2
An unhappy housewife seeks solace in the arms of a stranger in this underground film from Mike Kuchar. Adele (Floraine Connors) loathes her husband and fantasizes about starring in a movie called THE CRAVEN SLUCK. Bumping into a dashing suitor while out walking her dog, Adele thinks she may have finally found a way out. After all, Morton (George Kuchar, the director’s twin brother and frequent collaborator) himself is stuck in a bum marriage with the irritating Florence (Bob Cowan). As it turns out, though, it’s a flying saucer rather than a new boyfriend that will provide Adele with her escape route.

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It doesn't get any campier than the Kuchar Brothers, folks. Even John Waters kneels at their altar. Hilarious high camp, not to be missed.

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A nice dose of farcical melodrama and genuine pathos.

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Many ways to interpret this movie. In my case, made me think of Jean Paul Sartre. For one of the 2 lead characters, being "incarcerated" left open opportunities. For the other, the desire only to escape . . . without seeing the limitless opportunities available. Freedom is a state of mind.

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John Waters and Douglas Sirk drop acid. If that sounds good to you, then you'll enjoy this. Otherwise...never mind. You either get it or you don't.

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It doesn't get any campier than the Kuchar Brothers, folks. Even John Waters kneels at their altar. Hilarious high camp, not to be missed.

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Rolls around on the ground and wallows in outrageous silliness. The whole thing is crazy funny, but the ending and the park bench scene were so hilarious that I had tears running down my eyes and had to pause the movie to recover. Was worth two viewings, more in the future.

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A film for stoned film history geeks

Terribly good!

Absolutely stunning.

pretty bad in my estimation acting bad, attempt at sicko humor bad, bad, bad, bad!


The Craven Sucks!

It had its moments, most of them provided by Bob Cowan as the hairy legged Florence. The Kuchars demonstrate what can be done without dialogue and sync sound, but it succeeds mostly because it's mercifully short.

Absolutely loved it. AT only 21 minutes long it left me craving for more. It is narrated with no spoken dialog with the actors which was only part of its unique-ness. Classifying it as SCience Fiction is accurate but it is more romance than sci-fi based on the number of minutes devoted to SCi-fi. Campy over the top are cliches I would use. A bit of toilet humor in the mix is OK and the soundtrack is well chosen to mesh with the casting and costumes of The Craven Sluck.

The title of this film should have been.The cravensucked because thats exactly what the film did.