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The Cube1969

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  • 4.2
Exploring other approaches to representing human perception, Jim Henson and colleague Jerry Juhl developed various ideas for experimental live-action projects. In 1966, they conceived of a surrealistic comedy called THE CUBE which featured a man trapped in a white doorless room unable to escape. He is visited throughout the hour by a series of diverse guests. Unable to distinguish what is and isn't, the man is confined by his own understanding of reality. Jim produced and directed the teleplay for NBC's groundbreaking series, EXPERIMENT IN TELEVISION, in 1969.
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top reviewer

It's hard not to view this in light of the short-form absurdity of Henson's subsequent work, though it stands well enough on its own as a lively take on the existential preoccupations of the late '60s. That said, I was surprised to learn that Waldorf and Statler used to be Juggalos.