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also known as L'ambassade

The Embassy1973

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  • 3.6
One of Chris Marker's few fiction films, THE EMBASSY shows political dissidents seeking refuge in a foreign embassy after a military coup d'état in an unidentified country. Over the next few days, more and more people fleeing the military assault (teachers, students, intellectuals, artists and politicians) arrive at the embassy. An anonymous cameraman records the tense situation with his Super-8 camera and provides a voice-over commentary, as the Ambassador and his wife arrange to house and feed the growing group, who monitor radio reports of the alarming political developments, including thousands of political prisoners detained in a stadium, and reports of executions-and glimpse activities on the streets outside. The refuge-seekers accommodate themselves to the makeshift living arrangements, find ways to pass the time and engage in often heated political debates.

Member Reviews (3)

top reviewer

Relatively minor work by Chris Marker, only 21 minutes, is a fictional documentary, but it reminded me of a lot of real life stuff, and in a subtle way, evokes much feeling.

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Believable and powerful docudrama — made even more so by the use of super 8. Worth watching even for non-Chris Marker fans.

Remarkable, as a film with Chris Marker's name attached is almost certain to be. This one is shot within the embassy between 9/11', 1973, and the first "safe conduct" into exile. The faces tell everything as the narrator guides the viewer with his voiceover. Twenty-one minutes only lasting.

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