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The Fifth Wall2000

  • 3.3
THE FIFTH WALL is a screwball comedy about video artist Willie Boy Walker's life being turned upside down by his winning the Nobel Prize in Literature (and accompanying cash award of nine million Swedish Crowns = $900,000). The thing is, he's never written a book! A Channel 8 reporter (Rohana Kenin) is placed on the strange story by an over-eager TV executive (Michael Bolgatz), and Willie Boy thwarts her efforts in every way possible. Before long, Walker's neurosis regarding the prize (Nobel Prize acceptance speech, taxation on the money, loss of privacy) and his secrecy regarding his ability to break down the 5th wall of television using a "secret crystal," results in strange behavioral changes for all those who've made contact. Only a young neighbor girl (Maya Aguayo Schmidt-Feng) is entrusted to carry on his secret television appearances into the next century. Produced as part of Rick Schmidt Workshop.

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