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The Five Cent War2003

  • 3.9
In 1947, children launched an audacious chocolate bar revolt against candy manufacturers who raised the price of chocolate bars from five cents to eight cents. Though the dramatic uprising was sparked by only a few pennies, it caused a national sensation and drew fatal accusations of a communist conspiracy.

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Member Reviews (2)

I give it credit for introducing a topic I've never heard of and some interesting old footage. That footage, however, is repeated too often, always with the implication that the "talking heads' are in the footage...which they are not. It takes the film quite a while to get to the (SPOILER) idea that the "children's revolt" was part of some larger economic movement. And that the children were used to dramatize the bigger issues. It is never made clear who the adult talking heads are, or how the filmmaker found them or why these older people still sing songs about the chocolate bar war. Every documentary has info I've never seen before, so I give this film points for that, but the film fails to give perspective. Kind of cobbled together.

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It's Canadian! A fantastic idea for a film, with great footage and historical material and interviews, about a truly original campaign started and carried on by kids to fight a rise in candy prices. But it goes on too long and repeats itself too many times... watch it and turn it off when or if you have to.