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The Golden Beetle1907

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  • 3.7
As a sorcerer captures a beetle and casts it into his cauldron, it transforms into a glorious woman wearing golden beetle wings and soon turns the tables by casting her own delightful spells. Filled with poetic trick cinematography and optical effects, Segundo de Chomon's THE GOLDEN BEETLE is a beautiful example of early hand-tinting. Though this innovative director was born in Spain, much of his filmmaking was completed in France (which has occasionally resulted in a number of his films being misattributed to Georges Méliès).



Member Reviews (6)

top reviewer

There is something both incomprehensible and awesome about pre-1910 special effects.


Interesting to see something so old!

Crazed old man tries some early extermination and it backfires on him. Not terribly clever, but at only 3 minutes it is worth watching. It is also worth noting the body types of the beauties they used at that time period.

An interesting look at film-making over 100 years ago. Early film tricks put a smile on my face. Saw on fandor website. My rating 6/10.

For an old film is has nice effects. The music goes great with the plot.