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The Good War and Those Who Refused to Fight It2000

  • 3.7
Millions of people from Allied countries fought to liberate Europe from Hitler's grip during World War II.Yet 40,000 Americans refused to shoulder weapons in "the good war." Narrated by Ed Asner, important film tells the story of a previously ignored chapter of WWII: the American conscientious objectors who refused to fight. It is a story of personal courage, idealism and nonconformity based on both ethical and religious beliefs, about men whose love of country could not extend to killing their fellow man. All lived with the scorn of a nation, and often family and friends as well. While it has been more than half a century since WWII , this particular war story has been almost entirely lost to history until now.

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"An important contribution to the history of the second World War." - Howard Zinn, author of A People's History of the United States

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Conscientious objectors during WWII. A really interesting documentary about a forgotten subject. What characterizes objectors to a war that is almost universally viewed as essential and virtuous? That question isn't often asked since Vietnam, and it's fascinating to see how it was then.

interesting you learn something NEW

This film has to be one of the best documentary's I've ever experienced! "It was educational more so than entertaining" I think when we can witness something on this level of excellence in describing a movement, that I was not aware of before witnessing this objective look into world of the C O. I would also like to say that I am Veteran, I joined the Marine Corps and served for a few years. I certainly understand and would defend the rights of people that did not support the war in terms of killing, other human beings.

Muhammad Ali, belonged to this movement. He was and still is a great hero of mine. He stood up for what his conscience showed him what was right versus wrong. Being connected Spiritual and Intellectual to a cause is in itself Heroic!

I also know there's going to be a faction of folks who will not understand and object to my writings. To them, I say God Bless!