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The Great McGonagall1974

  • 2.5
Starring legendary Goon heroes Spike Milligan and Peter Sellers, this cult British comedy is set in Victorian Britain and sees William Topaz McGonagall as an unemployed Scottish weaver who decides to devote his life to poetry. He falls in love with Queen Victoria (admirably played by Sellers), to whom he devotes his major poetic work and, despite rejection from her, he dreams one day of becoming Poet Laureate.

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Member Reviews (2)

Monty python were great admirers of the Goon show which Spike Milligan and Peter sellers originated. Thank god the Pythons came along later and greatly improved on the humor. I wish I could appreciate this film but I can't. But thanks Fandor for giving me the chance see this rarity anyway. This is labeled a cult film, and I hate the term cult film. I'm just trying to imagine the particular cult that worships this film. What are they called? Do they have a meeting hall? Do they pay dues?

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top reviewer

So badly produced I could only watch 15min. None of the hysterically funny stuff that should have come from Spike Milligan or Peter Sellers had not emerged in the first 15 min. The sets and the direction were abysmal.

15 minutes? Sounds like some ADD millennial. Thanks for nothing in that review.