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The Killer Shrews1959

  • 3.3
A shortsighted scientist hoping to combat overpopulation tries to develop a method to shrink humans to half-size (there ​by​ using up fewer resource​s​) but unwittingly creates monsters out of the shrews once used as test subjects. With no way off of their island compound as a hurricane approaches, the inhabitants, led by the lantern-jawed Captain Thorne Sherman (James Best)​, ​​must survive the night under attack from THE KILLER SHREWS (themselves portrayed by hand puppets or dogs in shag ​costumes). Thorne's black deputy Rook is played to the cringeworthy racial stereotypes of the ​era; mercifully, one of these tropes dictates that Rook is the first killed by the shrews and his regrettable screentime is therefore limited. Shot back-to-back with THE GIANT GILA MONSTER, THE KILLER SHREWS saw an unlikely sequel (with Best reprising his role) made ​fifty-three years after its initial release. [Apologies for the poor source quality of this film. It is presented here in the best transfer currently available.] - Tom Fritsche

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Member Reviews (4)

top reviewer

The misogyny is strong with this one - the main female is carried about by only the strongest and most masculine of the men, given hardly a line except directions to become hysterically anxious at the smallest bump. The black man dies first and the plot progresses as a series of tense moments rather than anything resembling sensical language.

top reviewer

"Misogyny." That's rich. It's great the way you Marxist, cultural-studies drones throw that word around. And the black man dies first! Oh, my! Who cares?!! BTW, there's no such word as "sensical." For that matter, what does language have to do with plot progression?

Campy fun, but that doesn't change the fact that it's campy!

It was OK

Poorly done creatures and a pretty standard plot, but fun nonetheless. Only for big fans of B movies though.