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also known as The Lemon Grove Kids Meet the Monsters

The Lemon Grove Kids1965

  • 3.5
To settle their differences, Slug, Gopher, and The Lemon Grove Kids agree to participate in a cross-country race with their neighborhood rivals, Killer Krump and The East Lemon Grove Kids. But Duke Mazarati, formerly a member of Slug's gang and now working for Big Ed Narzak, local bookie, has plans to make a lot of money on the race. He takes bets on Slug's gang to win the race while secretly placing his own money on Killer Krump's group, even though it is Slug's boys who are the better athletes of the two teams. Duke is confident of making a pile of money on the race because he has hired The Saboteur, who can fix anything, to fix the race against Slug and The Lemon Grove kids. It's a riotous race through city, beach and desert as the Lemon Grovers heroically overcome the many plots hatched against them by the notorious Saboteur and race to the finish line, neck in neck with Killer Krump's kids.

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Member Reviews (2)

top reviewer

such a fun short flick!! everyone in it looks so so cool!

Stoopid take-off on the Dead-end Kids of the 1940ʻs