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The Man and the Snake1972

  • 3.8
Invited to dine at the home of a boy he's schooling, tutor Harker Brayton (John Fraser) is given a full introduction to his host Dr. Druring's (Andre Morell) unusual hobby as an amateur zoologist. He's absolutely smitten with the slithering species, keeping numerous examples both poisonous and benign in his private "snakery." At the dinner table, another visitor relates a story raising an interesting question: we know a man can "charm" a snake, but can a snake hypnotize a man? That matter takes on an unpleasant, unexpected urgency once young Mr. Brayton retires to his guest room for the night. A slow-burning thriller with a most effective climax and big parting twist, this featurette is a companion piece to THE RETURN, director Sture Rydman's other adaptation of a macabre Victorian-era story by Ambrose Bierce. - Dennis Harvey

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Member Reviews (3)

Terrific i loved it

scary and eerie

An effective and efficient little chiller.