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The Man from Beyond1922

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  • 3.2
Two scientists on an Arctic expedition uncover a frozen man who’s been preserved in ice for a century. The "man from beyond" is none other than Harry Houdini, who punches up a gothic melodrama with escape acts and a dashing rescue above Niagara Falls. His character encounters the same woman he left behind a hundred years earlier living in 1920 but in this century she’s set to marry dastardly Dr. Trent. The villain has the "man from beyond" committed to an asylum, giving Houdini opportunity to show his skill in slipping out of straitjackets. The magician’s acrobatics are THE MAN FROM BEYOND’s main attraction, though the film’s romantic atmosphere suggests a more mystical understanding of the unexplained.



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Produced, written by and starring Harry Houdini.

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This is Houdini’s most amazing feat. He has cheated death. Sure, he checked out of the Big Show in 1926, yet here he is, back from the land of the dead, fighting evil villains and escaping impossible predicaments—the one and only Houdini, one of the most famous entertainers in history.

Houdini has been endowed with cinematic immortality, one of the great transcendental powers of movies. Harry Houdini is alive and well in the 21st century along with Bogie and Marilyn and Bruce Lee and Audrey Hepburn and all the rest. They’re all long gone, yet on film they are always with us.

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A poor and convoluted story, various continuity issues, and mediocre acting at best. It was interesting to see Houdini in film, especially as I grew up near Niagara Falls, Ontario and remember well seeing publicity shots of him from this movie in various places. However, it's not worth bothering with for anyone who doesn't have some interest as I did.

A special treasure. A true time machine.

I am truly impressed by Mr. Houdinis acting. My favorite scene is when Dr, Strange is found.