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The New Year2010

  • 3.4
Budding writer Sunny takes time off from college to tend to her ailing dad in suburban Florida, and after two years, a temp job at a bowling alley has turned into a comfortable rut. But, when Sunny's high school rival Isaac returns, her routine is abruptly disrupted. Friendly fire replaces competitive spirit as the pair picks up where they left off, and Sunny realizes the future holds more than a well-stocked shoe counter.

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Member Reviews (2)

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top reviewer

I felt like it was easy-reading book story.. Small town... a girl working at bowling alley and her boyfriend and simple life.. well.. I hope the actress practices having eye-contact with her partner more. It might make her acting more natural..

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top reviewer

I enjoyed this film all the way. The second time I watched it was the best. The ending made it seem like life. Life is full of changes and often they add up to what seems like an unbearable burden of emotional turmoil. Stuck in a place,a time, an event, a challenge, dilemma, can tie a knot in our heart and our minds that brings us to the feeling of wanting something to actually be okay in life. How could it make us wait forever as it seems to simply make direction itself a wrong way? I've been in hospitals so many times with the suffering of myself and mostly watching others and wanting to help, not knowing anyway to do so. Something in this story made it okay even though the answer is so elusive and impossible to find. The way things a person wants to work seem to slip away. The actress in the lead role makes this somehow endurable and easy to identify with, at least for myself. Her friends are supportive and yet the helplessness is theirs to bear as well. The whole story feels like actual life and I like that voyage as I could feel the pain and see the moments of beauty in the course of events and the emotions of the characters. Life is about learning and feeling. This film embraces our struggle to do both.