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The Place Between Our Bodies1975

  • 3.6
The hedonistic yet spiritually-questing spirit of San Francisco life at the height of the "Gay Liberation" movement is captured in Michael Wallin's poetical, highly personal film. As we watch city denizens cruise each other in the free-for-all atmosphere of a mid-1970s erotic wonderland, the filmmaker ponders the restlessness of desire and elusiveness of fulfillment: "Looking for that someone who somehow fulfills a fantasy... the perfect guy... the hunt goes on all the time." He worries that this constant pursuit might actually render love an unreachable goal. After a certain point, the narrator's voice is joined by another and THE PLACE BETWEEN OUR BODIES becomes a joyous, unashamedly intimate ode to coupledom. Both sexually graphic and exquisitely romantic, this enchanted record of freedom and fulfillment has been acclaimed as a classic of pre-AIDS gay cinema by such successors as Todd Haynes. - Dennis Harvey

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Member Reviews (2)

A reminder of what [else] was going on in gay culture in 1975 as the sweaty-glitter disco era was just beginning to get under way, very much a product of its time. Think: James Broughton, or the Kuchar Brothers. If a low-fi aesthetic's not for you, probably best to give it a pass.

Blessedly short. The first half is tedious ruminations on sex drive over shaky street footage cut with vintage porn. Second half is home movie porn with his boyfriend while listening to them both further ruminate on sex and...honestly stopped paying attention. Oh, and just the worst music.