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The Plague Dogs1982

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  • 4.2
Two dogs escape from a British government research lab. As the authorities hunt down the canine fugitives, the two dogs search for their original master and for a place where they'll be free from the iniquities and cruelties of Mankind.

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One of the saddest yet one of the most powerful animation films I have ever seen.

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One of the saddest yet one of the most powerful animation films I have ever seen.

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It may be a sad movie, but Dumbo was a sadder animation film.

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Don't take your children. The depressing details keep being added. Two dogs escape from a scientific research facility, are hunted down inj the moor country and drown in the sea. One of the dogs (a lab) is being subjected to a standard kind of experiment (repetitively being drown and shocked back to life.. The other (a terrier) seems to have had an experiment on his brain, but it's never clear whether this from an accident before capture or a vivid experiment. The drowning experiment is famous and its variations have been scientifically important. I don't know where the scales balance here. The terrier floats between the dismal present and an ideal (imaginary) past with a good master. There are enormous attempts to avoid complete anthropomorphism. While articulate, the dogs don't know much, while the general public doesn't know if they really are "plague dogs". The dogs, humans, fox and scientists are understanding. Death of the dogs is the only possible resolution, and they drown swimming towards a perhaps illusory island. A gently sad movie which, of course, is from the POV of the dogs. Their hunters are at least perhaps hunting them down because of a possibility that they are "plague dogs), but the government"s meaningless press releases obfuscates the issue.

Wonderful, haunting film. Very happy to see the original books ending was kept intact for this film, as opposed to the all too sickly sweet re-written ending of later editions.

elicits more anger than sadness. adams knows how to bring out an animals side of story. (shardik, traveller, watership down.)

Animation was great. Almost like Disney.