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The Polymath2009

The Life and Opinions of Samuel R. Delany, Gentleman

  • 3.9
A cinematic portrait of the larger than life Samuel R. Delany, a visionary and subversive novelist and one of the most important and innovative writers of the last fifty years. Delany, the grandson of a slave, is an award-winning author, gay activist, cultural and social historian, professor, essayist and literary critic. Best known as the author of "Dhalgren" and "Babel-17" and winner of multiple Hugo and Nebula awards, he recently received the Grand Master award from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. He remains an icon in the literary, gay and African-American communities.

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What a great multifaceted look at a brilliant writer.

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What a great multifaceted look at a brilliant writer.

2 members like this review
top reviewer

Such an interesting film about such an interesting man. Just ordered a couple of his books and looking forward to it. He is the sort of writer and artist who should be celebrated in gay media as opposed to the vapid banality of shallow, plastic fantatic self-centered celebrity A-List Gay Incorporated culture. He IS culture.

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enjoyed tremendously! informative and educational.

top reviewer

It was nice to see the person behind the books. He is a more interesting character than any he ever created.

Had a hard time getting past Delany's monotonous delivery as the primary orator. But none the less, there were moments which transcended... his emotion at the end about how to encourage students to be ACTIVELY INVOLVED was extremely moving.

Samuel R. Delany is a brilliant writer, and an inspiration for me in how he speaks frankly about his personal and sexual life. This film does a great job of interspersing Delany himself with scenes from his childhood and the city he loves, New York. I know I will come back to this film time and time again.

Delaney is a wonderful subject and narrator of his life and times.

well done

Like Delany, one of the greatest contemporary writers, a completely original biographical documentary that explores difference through many forms and opens us up to new ways of being/knowing.

The only synopsis I know of, in video format, of one of the top science fiction writers and artists of our day, and easily one of the most important contributors to the radical queer canon: Samuel Delany.

Director used many fuzzy artsy shots, not closely related to what was going on. The subject was all about his sex life. Little to no insight about what has made him such a revered scifi writer. Don't watch this one...