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also known as Sekrety Milosci

The Secret of Love2013

  • 2.5
Director Krystian Matysek explores the greatest question of all: what is love? Is it suffering, as in Russia? A nervous rush, like in France? Or a sense of home, as in Indonesia? Is it fidelity, misfortune, death or jealousy? Are we born to be monogamous or polyamorous? Matysek wanders around the world and talks with the inhabitants of seven different regions who are all trying to answer these questions. The group includes the members of two Papuan tribes, Himalayan nomads and the residents of Northern India, France, Russia and Poland. Winner of the Special Award at the Chicago International Film Festival, THE SECRET OF LOVE is a global portrayal of lovers and married couples who live on one planet at the same time but exist in different places and cultures. The conclusions they reach will feel remarkably familiar to anyone who has experienced love. - Stela Jelincic

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