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also known as Aktsionery

The Shareholder1963

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  • 4.1
THE SHAREHOLDER’s withering depiction of American capitalism has an ideological tint but its fluid comic-book style of animation and incisive satire of consumer culture are a cut above mere propaganda. An upwardly mobile proletariat is given a symbolic share of stock in the omnipresent arms manufacture that employs him. When the boss automates the assembly line, our hero is out of a job and soon stripped of his plush amenities (all bought on credit). This representation of illusory wealth undoubtedly reflects the Soviet propaganda machine's anxiety that communist audiences might be enticed by the visions of plenty seen in Western television and movies. But THE SHAREHOLDER’s imaginative portrait of a downtrodden American wandering a hollow spectacle of consumerism hits its mark all the same.



Member Reviews (4)

top reviewer

Great animation, and the story is well, timeless.

top reviewer

Fascinating in its imagery sourced from advertising graphics of the '50s. Somewhat tedious and overwrought in its narrative. Accurate in its message of corporate greed and indifference.

Madly in love.

The animation is fantastic. Anyone interested in old style hand drawn animation should see this, although the story's the same old line we've heard a million times.