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also known as Al midan

The Square2013

  • 4.4
A depiction of the ongoing Egyptian Revolution of 2011 from its roots in Tahrir Square. Due to the ongoing nature of the Egyptian Revolution, Noujaim updated the ending of the film over the summer of 2013. The film was subsequently also named winner of the People's Choice Award in the documentary category at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival. The production is done in the native languages of its cast, and is presented with English subtitles.

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Member Reviews (1)

The Square is a beautifully moving, but also highly upsetting documentary. The disgusting behavior of the government towards the protestors, to eventual revolutionaries disturbed me in many moments--but the strength of conviction, and sacrifice of those standing against oppression was quite powerful stuff to witness. Give it a shot! Not easy viewing, though, featuring some quite difficult to watch scenes of violence--but if you followed this story back in 2011 and onward, this is a great insider look at what occurred in Tahrir Square, of the people who stood their ground there for the future of their country, and the stories of how it's effect shaped their lives during this revolution. Watch it!