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also known as Creature

The Titan Find1985

  • 2.6
A crew of scientists arrives on a far, cold planet to examine archaic artifacts of unknown origin. They discover that their German enemies already have a ship there. When they seek their help after a failed landing, they only find the Germans' bodies, obviously slaughtered by one of the archaic creatures, awoken to new life. Now the alien is after them.

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It's the future, which looks a lot like the 1980's (and West Germany has somehow reemerged). In spite of major technical advances, spaceships need large crews so they can be killed off one by one by hideous aliens on planets where the smoke machines run 24/7. Extra bonus points if you can spot the props from the 1950's classic, "Forbidden Planet."

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top reviewer

In a desperate race against time and dwindling oxygen the crew struggles to survive a brutal alien threat. With more smoke than a California pot shop and a sterling cameo by Klaus Kinski, who will survive the onslaught? Watch and see!

What a cliche festival.

Great 80's "Alien" rip off! We thoroughly enjoyed the terrible acting and 80's hair. Klaus Kinski does a bang up job as a lecherous nut who shows up with not much of an explanation towards the end of the film.