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The Traitors1962

  • 2.9
The British B spy thriller takes its cue from the style made popular by producer Mark Hellinger's THE NAKED CITY, a policier centering most of its action on the streets of London. Chisel-jawed British actor Patrick Lane leads a team of British and American spies in hunting down Communists in their midst who are passing secrets to the Soviets. There's no fat on the bones of this cracking sixty-six-minute film which spices the stew with a little bit of romance, a little bit of murder and a lot of in-the-trenches surveillance work. This patient policing would vanish from the public perception of spying with the debut of DR. NO the same year THE TRAITORS bowed. Director Robert Tronson soon abandoned feature films for a long and successful career directing for the small screen. Among his credits are such first-rate series as ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL and RUMPOLE OF THE BAILEY. - Marilyn Ferdinand

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Member Reviews (2)

This is a two minute scene, not an entire movie, you fucking fools.

Good movie for this era,typical British film if you like British films worth the watch.