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also known as La fille du puisatier

The Well-Digger's Daughter2011

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  • 4.2
Adapted from the beloved French film and novel by Marcel Pagnol, THE WELL-DIGGER'S DAUGHTER tells the sweeping saga of single father and well-digger Pascal Amoretti (Daniel Auteuil, CACHÉ), who is raising a small army of young girls in the Provençal countryside. But when his poor teenage daughter Patricia (the luminous Astrid Bergès-Frisbey) falls in love with the rich and dashing air force pilot Jacques (Nicolas Duvauchelle) and begins an illicit affair, she puts the family's reputation at risk. After Jacques is called into duty, Pascal has to make a heart-wrenching decision about the fate of his wayward child. In his directorial debut, famed actor Daniel Auteuil fills THE WELL-DIGGER'S DAUGHTER with grand romance, light comedy and superb performances.



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"To call THE WELL DIGGER'S DAUGHTER an old-fashioned film is to pay it a compliment. Here is a love story embedded in traditional values." - Roger Ebert

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Very sweet, romantic, great story. Beautiful cinematography of the French countryside sweeps you away. Lovely soundtrack.

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Very sweet, romantic, great story. Beautiful cinematography of the French countryside sweeps you away. Lovely soundtrack.

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Quintessentially French and Provencal and shot with wonderful light and atmosphere. A tight knit family of adorable girls and an irascible but forgiving father make this gem of a film a joy to behold. A virtuoso performance by Daniel Auteuil and a lovely and understated Astrid Berges-Frisbey lead an outstanding cast.

where can i watch full movie ? its only showing the TRAILER

Pretty as the chocolate box. Has some sad moments and some funny ones. It would be inconsequential but for the very real problems of love and honor that it deals with. Simple issues are nonetheless important. The acting is adequate but nothing to write home about. The lead actress mainly just looks doe-eyed. If you skip this, it will not change your life.

A little Hollywoodish, but not a bad Sunday afternoon movie. Spectacular scenery.

This was such a charming film...

Simply beautiful, modest but not poor visually, without any spectacular ambitions cinematography wise, but a charming, heart warming fairytale . Chapeau Auteuil, et merci !

Hard not to compare this with Jean de Florette, and Manon of the Spring (1986) both also based on Marcel Pagnol's works, and those two are levels above this in terms of plot and characterization. Daniel Auteuil was grippingly real as Ugolin in those two earlier films. He's good in this one, and directs it too; but the film is more a souffle of Provencal norms and charm lacking the heft of verismo. Brilliant score by Alexandre Desplat.

muy dulce, esta pelicula, vraiment une filme de un roman de Sr. Marcel Pagnol. Bravo!

Great movie!

greaaaaaat movie