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also known as I Became a Criminal

They Made Me a Fugitive1947

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  • 4.2
Set in unsettled postwar England where crime is on the upsurge, FUGITIVE is a suspenseful genre film which uses the picturesque Soho district as background to brilliant effect.



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Stellar, hard bitten British film noir; I thoroughly enjoyed it. Terrific acting, direction, scripting, photography, and pacing; sensational and memorable ending. One of the great film noirs.

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81f31a124a2be5587ee1385107a5b461? m 0081
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Stellar, hard bitten British film noir; I thoroughly enjoyed it. Terrific acting, direction, scripting, photography, and pacing; sensational and memorable ending. One of the great film noirs.

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This film was so good!! Gripping, suspenseful, and fine acting and directing. Lovely to see some early cinematic techniques. Shot in Soho too! Lovely choice of locations: cafes, funeral parlors, dark alleyways, the top of the funeral home (R.I.P. sign), the dock of the bay ... The score also worked wonderfully with this film. I was literally on the edge of my seat. I would love to read this screenplay. Clem's character development and the other subjects he encounters on his quest to redeem himself is noteworthy. Superb!

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A really good one. Well, it's got Trevor Howard and for my money anything he is in, he is good and this is no exception. A man double crossed and framed and sent to prison by an evil smuggling/robbery kingpin. He spends most of the film on the run and the final 15 minutes are really very exciting as anything I've seen even in a Bond flick. This is a must for excitement and fulfilling story,direction (I never heard of Cavalcanti) and acting. 4.875 stars out of 5

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This was a good film. Since I'm not a film guy, I didn't actually know what "Film Noir" was, but once I started the movie, it was immediately familiar. I enjoyed the English gangster setting, and I really enjoyed the fast paced dialogue, even if I couldn't hear or understand everything that was said. The characters are interesting too, in a classic black-and-white movie sort of way.

The plot was fantastic, although not every detail was developed so that it made perfect sense. For instance, why do the cops seem so stupid in the beginning and yet so knowledgeable in the end? Furthermore, I wish the movie was about five minutes longer in order to provide more resolution. I felt like too many questions remained unanswered.

Overall, I really enjoyed this film. The dialogue was my favorite part, although I wish there were subtitles so that I could read the things that were too quiet or quick to hear.

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Brit Noir full of tough guys and dames and dripping with dry quips!

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Film Noir at its best.This film captures all the despair of the "heroes Journey"the pursuit of an unobtainable goal matches Alfred Hitchcocks best work.

More proof that the British also made great film noir. Snappy dialogue with authentic situations and settings. And that ending.........

The original British Hard Man gangster flick. I BECAME A CRIMINAL is the U.K. title; the U.S., ever worried for its moral safety, redubbed it THEY MADE ME A FUGITIVE, lest you should for even a moment believe he wanted to be a criminal (though, SPOILER: he totally did). Neither title does it justice.

A reasonable crime drama of its time. Some good dialogue and filming. Quite suitable for a fan of the genre, as I am, but I didn't think it a must-see.

British noir at it's best!

Well done! Noir as hell.

Gritty, like Trevor Howard,forget a happy ending. well made. Great locations.

Excellent crime film. Good period piece. Very Hitchcockian.