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This is Martin Bonner2013

  • 3.8
In this Sundance Award Winning film we discover two men each searching in their quiet solitude to begin a new life amidst an unspoken need for encouragement and support. Having recently declared bankruptcy, Martin Bonner has just uprooted his life to Reno from the East Coast, leaving behind two adult children and a life he spent decades building. He's working a new job as a volunteer helping prisoners transition to freedom. It's Martin's first job in two years. Recently released after 12 years in prison and now in the transition program, Travis Holloway is sent back into the world bankrupt of self-esteem as well as of a normal life. To their surprise their lives and stories begin to converge as they find that they have much in common until their unlikely friendship is put to the test when Travis betrays Martin's trust.

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"Patience is privileged, nothing is forced, and by the end of this quietly devastating character study, the ordinary has become extraordinary." - Keith Uhlich, Time Out

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Fantastic movie. Extremely well acted, and beautifully edited.

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top reviewer

Fantastic movie. Extremely well acted, and beautifully edited.

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A modest film that delineates its characters beautifully, each of them struggling and striving. No big drama, just many fine quiet moments.

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So many films out there, I waited too long to see this one. A beautiful existential journey into the themes of maturing, isolation, community, and the human condition. Great writing. Fine acting. Chad Hartigan pulls this nuanced story together in such a powerful and poignant way. A mystical and subtle score compliments. Beautiful to watch. . . Oh, did I say I liked it.

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Subtly exciting.

The action is in the interactions- no excess drama.

These lives were enough to pique my interest.

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I watched this fine film on the weekend when all the hoopla over "Star Wars" was making me nauseous; it was just what the doctor ordered. I don't feel like I need to say anything more since all the earlier reviewers here have been so eloquent, other than to add that I think we need more films like this. We need to see REAL heroes like Martin and Travis, struggling to love themselves and to win love in return; against all odds, but in particular, fear and indifference. 4.5 stars.