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This is What Democracy Looks Like2002

  • 3.8
THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE weaves the footage of over 100 videographers into a gripping document of what really happened on Seattle's streets during the WTO protests inf November 1999. The film cuts through the confusion and tear gas to paint an intimate, passionate portrait of a week that changed the world. With narration by Susan Sarandon and Spearhead's Michael Franti and with a driving soundtrack including Rage Against the Machine, DJ Shadow, DJ Musaka and Company of Prophets, THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE is the first documentary to capture the raw energy of the WTO protests while clarifying their global and historic significance. The Independent Media Center provided a production infrastructure for over 450 media activists during the WTO protests. With autonomous, volunteer-run media centers operating in four continents, ten countries and twenty-one cities, the IMC represents a new and powerful emerging model for independent media.

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Member Reviews (4)

What a contrast to the dupes of the Tea Party. The corporate media never covers demos now unless there is violence or trashing. I believe the former police chief regretted his actions after the fact. Is this the 1st instance of the occupy 'mike check.' Now with the threat to national sovereignty to the nations of the Pacific rim of the TPP it's a completely similar situation.


This isn't a bad documentary. And I do recommend that you watch it. How-ever, I believe that the definitive documentary on on the events at the WTO protests in Seatle. Has yet to be made.

Interesting, engaging start to finish

A primer for anyone interested in Occupy or other groups who desire to change the world.