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also known as The Epic of Gilgamesh | Little Songs of the Chief Officer of Hunar Louse

This Unnameable Little Broom1985

  • 4.1
This piece was originally conceived as a pilot for a series which never materialized due to lack of funding. Alternative title: LITTLE SONGS OF THE CHIEF OFFICER OF HUNAR LOUSE (BEING A LARGELY DISGUISED REDUCTION OF THE EPIC OF GILGAMESH) "in which Gilgamesh sends a prostitute to seduce the wild man of the forest, Enkidu. The Gilgamesh figure is a sort of grotesque fascist hydrocephalic child despot on a tricycle, ruthlessly patrolling his sandbox kingdom. Enkidu, made from a bird skull adorned with an exotic headdress of feathers and shells, brings to mind Max Ernst's renowned collage series 'Une semaine de bontпїЅ.' The wicked child sets a devilish trap for the creature: a gobbet of raw flesh to lure him and then a mechanical trapdoor in the shape of a vulva...It is strong stuff, a waking nightmare of paranoia and sexual violence. The camerawork is frenetic, yet the effect is precisely that convergence of the dreamlike and the mythic, the bizarre and the inevitable that all their work aspires to." -J.D. McClatchy

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Gee...that was rather macabre.

mind blown! (again...)

Well, now I know where all of Tool's music videos come from.