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also known as Vive la Baleine

Three Cheers for the Whale1972

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  • 3.9
THREE CHEERS FOR THE WHALE chronicles the history of mankind's relationship with the largest and most majestic of marine mammals, and graphically exposes their slaughter by the fishing industry. Chris Marker's co-director, Mario Ruspoli, descendant of an aristocratic Italian family, had been a journalist, painter and ethnologist before discovering his vocation as a documentary filmmaker. In the Sixties he became one of the founders -along with Jean Rouch, Edgar Morin and Chris Marker- of the "direct cinema" movement, pioneering in the use of new lightweight cameras and synchronous sound recording equipment.

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Love it!

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Love it!

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Vive la Baleine pertains to Marker's work on a whole, but its narration resonates with an accusatory tone. Chris Marker, who is usually a humble documentarian, loses his sense of questioning in a film so sure of it motives.

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made me weep

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3.5 stars