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Totally Confused1997

  • 3.0
Johnny is a struggling rock and roller living in Chicago. Johnny's life is looking up when his manager Murray tells him of an impending deal with a major label. Excited, Johnny moves his girlfriend Annie into his apartment and prepares to be a major rock star. Little by little, Johnny begins to suspect that the "deal" is going nowhere. Having problems with his girlfriend and fearing for his professional career, Johnny's life gets even more complicated when his best friend Wiley puts the moves on him. With engaging performances, sharp dialogue and a shameless affection for slapstick, TOTALLY CONFUSED takes nothing seriously, least of all its characters' sexual uncertainty.

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Member Reviews (12)

top reviewer

From the time when Indies were Indies, this film about young people trying to find a way into adulthood has a slapdash feeling but some really interesting characters and situations.

top reviewer

this is movie is a trip, heavy kevin smith complete with a bootleg jason lee.

movie was slow and boring. Was forcing myself to watch to the end :(

enjoyed this movie, it was funny and well made

Amusing ...

oddball funny

I loved this movie. I have had at least at one time or another one if not all three of people like these in my life....minus any brutal "license plate" attacks. I found it funny and judging by the year it was made, less alarming them some of the movies of its time.

Not bad if a bit slow even for me! I felt everyone was a bit to conscious of the camera at times.

Very cute and very twentysomething. A time before cell phones. Refreshing for that alone.