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Tread Softly Stranger1958

  • 3.6
Diana Dors plays Calico, the sexy vamp (or tramp?) and Terence Morgan, the staid little officer worker and "love interest" of Calico. Things heat up when the shady but handsome brother arrives from London. Instant attraction strikes between Calico and the brother, making her plan of theft take off.

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A slick, London city-boy (Johnny) is on the run after skipping out on his gambling debts. He decides to visit his mousy office worker brother (Dave) in a much less desirable small town. Dave's hot girlfriend (Calico) immediately falls for Johnny. Things become even more complicated when we discover that Dave has been "borrowing" company funds to keep Calico happy. What happens when the office finds out?

Dave has a risky but plausible plan to replace the 350 quid. Calico comes up with a much more dangerous idea, but the rewards are significantly greater. Is Calico just after the money or does she have feelings for either brother? This is the major theme that plays out over the majority of the film.

It's a good story with good acting, but Dave started to get on my nerves toward the end. He is the king of panic and almost seems to want to get caught just to relieve the increasing pressure. Think Barney Fife.

The ending is extremely predictable even for a film noir. I had it figured out 1/2 way through. Yet, the journey getting there is still quite an adventure. Will Calico wait for Johnny? Not bloody likely.

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top reviewer

the greatest 1958 black and white movie i have ever seen action and thrills endless very unpredictable story line and high volume entertainment to the viewer and superior direction exceptional acting and never ending thrills and many surprises as well throughout the movie!

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top reviewer

A really enjoyable, tough British noir featuring the always compelling Diana Dors; terrific acting and direction, five stars.

love the movie with great acting and scene play.....lot's of buffeting near the end though and not sure why this happens with these good movies.....