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Tuning the Sleeping Machine1996

  • 3.7
The process of film perception relies on equal parts optics, mechanics and chemistry; the experience of converging stories comes only with the specific channeling of these conditions. TUNING THE SLEEPING MACHINE suggests a psycho-physical cinema, an emulsive journey of hypnotic illusion that pulls at narrative expectation. Circulating forces of control suffuse our collective cinematic experience; this is a beautiful and daunting history. Preface: In 1895, Sigmund Freud abandons hypnosis as a viable therapeutic practice in favor of psychoanalysis. The same year, the Lumiere brothers present the first flickers of recreated life through motion pictures.

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Official selection of the 1996 San Francisco International Film Festival.

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beautiful_really abstract & totally dream like_like a stream

"Television is the retina of mind's eye?" Faces, landscapes emerge and dissolve. Svengali, the Curse of Frankenstein, other films tug at recognition and disappear. This could only originate in the era in which one fell asleep in front of the blue flicker of the television (not the "monitor," not the "screen," but the cathode ray). I realize -- it's so obvious, really, that I wonder how I'd never really thought about it before -- that the vast majority of films that I have seen I have seen on TV, that TV has mediated my experience of film-watching in a way that is probably more formative than any of the times I watched films in a theater. This film is beautiful and frightening, dream- and nightmare-like, as only falling asleep in front of the Late, Late Show can be.

Need to watch more from him before deciding.

dreamy,next time more everything