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Twenty Minutes of Love1914

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  • 3.7
Charles Chaplin's first tentative effort at both story and direction is a simple park comedy. Upon seeing a couple kissing on a park bench, Charlie parodies their ardor by embracing a tree. On another park bench, a woman demands a present as proof of her fiance's love. The man steals a watch as his gift. Charlie manages to procure the watch from the pickpocket and present it to the woman himself. Their flirtation and the ownership of the watch creates pandemonium in the park with everyone but Charlie and the girl ending up in Westlake Park lake.


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Member Reviews (5)

top reviewer

A cute vignette with lovers in a park, on the benches in the garden ... but the object of a few's desires is not whom or what you'd think.

top reviewer

My first time at a comedy open mic, I got one precious little laugh. My "jokes" silenced even the crickets and the only awkward thing I didn't do was fall off the stage. I quipped to the nearly empty, yawning room, "So, I'm glad that only five people are here to see this", which got a half a chuckle from someone and then I said thanks and got off stage like I was leaping out of a piranha tank. They gave me five minutes; I think I did three. My point: I tend to forgive an inexperienced person's stumbles and that's why I go easy on this short, which many say is Charlie Chaplin's first film as a director. He's The Tramp wandering around a park and finding trouble. It won't impress anyone today. The gags are rushed and aside from his look, even Chaplin himself isn't memorable. Like me on stage that first time, Chaplin also bails out early, ending his TWENTY MINUTES OF LOVE in ten. Maybe this got big laughs in 1914, though. That was a different time. I hear they didn't even have the internet back then!

top reviewer

Tough to make out in a park in them olde tymey days.

Very funny! I love Charlie kissing the