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also known as Loong Boonmee raleuk chat

Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives2010

  • 4.2
Suffering from acute kidney failure, Uncle Boonmee has chosen to spend his final days surrounded by his loved ones in the countryside. Surprisingly, the ghost of his deceased wife appears to care for him, and his long lost son returns home in a non-human form. Contemplating the reasons for his illness, Boonmee treks through the jungle with his family to a mysterious hilltop cave, the birthplace of his first life.

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"A work of unostentatious beauty and uncloying sweetness, at once sophisticated and artless..." - J. Hoberman, the Village Voice

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Like watching a dream...the ghosts of dead relatives appear, a long lost son returns as a monkey spirit, a fable of an aged princess and a magical catfish is recalled...and all through the characters move closer to death but without trepidation or hesitation but as another passage through this mystery called life.

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A stunning work of magical realism.

A contemporary surreal dream of a film. Cinematography is innovative but not self-consciously stylish.

Very good!