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  • 3.3
This unflinching work from New York City based filmmaker Todd Verow is a deeply personal, semi-autobiographical story of growing up gay in picturesque Maine. Gay high-school senior Joe is not quite out to his family and has for years been in love with his best friend Andrew. Unhappy at home, Joe moves in with an older artist as a caretaker. Joe and Andrew's respective girlfriend's finally figure out the guys are more interested in each other than in them and convince the lads to get it on. As Joe and Andrew explore the gay world around them (as well as exploring each other), a strange figure from Joe's distant past comes forward forcing Joe and Andrew to face their fears and begin a new, happier chapter in their lives.

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"...Verow’s films traverse tricky geographic and emotional terrain, far from the comforts of the multiplex." - Steven Jenkins, Keyframe

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Young gay love is always beautiful.

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Young gay love is always beautiful.

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Well acted and the story kept my interest throughout. Nicely paced and Verow's direction shines as usual.

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Finally, hot guys, a story line, and good acting. Loved it.

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Trust me, you have better things to do - even if that means cleaning the bathroom. I tried, really, I tried to suspend my belief long enough to

follow this brightly colored ditty. Sorry, but two porn stars (I suspect) fail to bring out the occasional desired innocence usually associated with

such a major passage of youth/life.

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Honest review. Thnak you

Good movie overall. Liked the story, the actors and overall look of the film. The editing seemed a tad bit strange at times.

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Again, don't waste your time. It had a lot of potential but just fell flat. Between the lackluster acting, pandering script, and random cinematography, I felt like I should have just watched porn.

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this movie was so bad, acting was terrible and the story had a lot of holes...

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I enjoyed alot of it, some great scenes, especially for an obviously amateur work.

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Awful. Just awful.

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Enjoyed movie highly.

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No doubt - this is the WORST film GAY or STRAIGHT I have ever seen! THe male leads were at least attractive and could ALMOST act.....the rest of this horribly written horribly edited MESS should have stayed in BANGOT MAINE!!!! AWFUL! God!

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The title misleads... it's ironic. This is a story about a sad, vulgar, poor, violent town and the gay kid coming of age in it, along with several other plotlines. The portrayal of Bangor as banal and violent at the same time was interesting, and recalls the New England of my gay youth. The movie has too many plotlines and ambitions, and the editor/director failed to put together a narrative vector that made sense. But I still watched it to the end. I think it will be of more interest to you if you grew up gay and were born before 1970.

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I signed up just tonite for your movie site, which looks like a good site, but my first movie experience was not good. I watched VACATIONLAND and if the soundtracks of your other movies are as out of sync as this one, I won't be making this a permanent venue. It was VERY badly out of sync and quite distracting.

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I found this movie to be touching and It did havesome violence to it . I rate it as an A++++. I look back to my days of coming out . They were hard for me as I am age 48. True love and caring for the ones we become close to are very much easy today . I grew up at a time when It was not so easy. I really liked the actors in this movie and would say the acting for this independent Movie was touching and you could really feel what the actors were striving for. I hope to see these actors put into full Hollywood status .. I really enjoyed this movie. It was a real as what young people are dealing with today . Howard crowe Pittsburgh Pa. Try growing up Gay in a Blue collar Town . I came out in Providence RI .Attending Johnson and Wales U. I related to the New England theme well. I enjoyed the down to earth acting these actors protraied in this film.

Ugh, late teens growing up gay in Bangor, Maine, with a sexaholic mother and a kleptomaniac sister. He falls for the football hero and vice versa and they get it on. Nice scenes but otherwise kind of slow and unappealing. Acting pretty bad, especially the girl friends and some not too credible situations, but hey, this is an average crummy gay flick, whatta ya expect. 3 out 5 stars and that's being generous.

great story, beautiful lead actors

ok more violent than it has to be

I think this movie hit its mark as a coming of age genre. I would like to say I liked it but, I really enjoyed it. Like is just to weak a word to credit it with. Some of the plot needs tidying as characters are left towards the end with not much of conclusion. The main ones do get good development so you mind if you blinked and missed some of the plot for the secondary characters. Tonight this movie came through.

love it

really enjoyed this film. Acting very exceptional on all cast members parts. Would see it again


Enjoyed the story but could not understand the sister thing.

Loved the get back thing towards the end.

Kept me entertained. Some acting was better than others.

it was sad but a good story. I can relate.

Very slow moving, and dark.


It was good, a bit slow.

I'm still somewhat confused as to the relationship between the fiction writing and actual reality of the story.

I enjoyed this movie. I give it4 stars.

Truly horrible acting with even worse narration.

Vacationland was a very touching story that stayed with me for days.




I escaped for 104 minutes.

Bangor Maine, my birthplace and my 'Vactionland'. O how I miss thee, the Dirigo state, aka The Pine Tree state. I noticed the tall guy was practicing Brewer HS Witch football. Now there is an ice rink that Brewer students can walk to to practice and play. Wish I could do it all over again since there was not an ice rink when I attended Brewer High. - sigh -

Sad, enlightening. Interesting and moving. 5 stars a must see film

contrived.. unentertaining...... poorly acted

Sound Track messed up and lips were moving with no sound, the words were spoken. Good looking guys and a story that was easy to follow.

Good movie.

I thought it was a pretty dare good movie. It seemed pretty true to life.

GreaT!, violent and yet a cute love story. Bangor!

joe and andrew are characters that melt your heart...and theyre so HOT

Excellent movie!

Loved the movie.

Great film Took me back to when I was 17.

I liked the story and the acting as a whole. I think there were some edits that maybe took too long between shots or during some of the dialog cuts. I enjoyed watching the film overall and thought it was good overall, if perhaps more of a first effort in some of the polish details.

The movie was very slow and very dark. I would have thought Joe to be more honorable in helping the drag queen and how he reacted finding his rapist is still around with his friend just did not fit for me. Most gay men I know would not deal with a rough trade bf that drank to excess to accept his gay side.

enjoyed..pic is great sound also

loved it

Great movie and the sound was also good, no sync problems at all like Soulmentor mentioned before.

I loved the dark haired actor playing Joe, what a hunky guy he is...

good but strange in a S & M way


Great movie

Excellent, great story, I wish gay life could be less dark and painful, but there's hope at the end of the movie.

Excellent Highly recommend

it was great

good movie

Good movie. Good pace and good characters.

A nice film

Good film. A little slow at times, especially toward the end, but a sensitive story nonetheless.

was a great movie but could have shown more sex acts but over all was pretty good

A good "student film" could have used smoother transitions.

Loved the movie, just had it skip a few times.

Very well done. Joe is one Hot Hunk!

Good movie on finding yourself....

Very good movie -- actors were very easy on the eye and were quite believable! My only complaint was the quality of the film itself and hence the lower rating!

This is terrible the picture keeps freezing and the voice continues who can watch a movie like that this is not worth paying for looks like i have too go back too net-flix

it was an interesting independent film i'm happy that joe and andrew had a happy ending . And that joe was able to escape his past and find his future with andrew.

Very well played. Simple but complicated at the same time.

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I wanted to leave home @ a young age & go to Hollywood I lived out my dreams. I am who I am cuz I left. Now I'm 44 years old a happy gay Man Living in Cape Cod Ma. I loved this movie, Kind of like me story, but without the killing