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  • 2.6
With a nice hip-check to Striporama and an assist from his sister Paula Klaw, Irving Klaw whips VARIETEASE along with a rinkfull of slingers, singers, songbirds and slickers. This beautiful production opens with emcee, jokesmith and warbler Bobby Shields announcing a nifty arabesque by nubile nymph Bettie Page, America's radiant, raven-haired Queen of the Curves, doing her dance of the "four" veils. Though third-billed, Bettie easily steals the show, flashing her sexy smile, playing with her shoulder-length hair, winking at the camera, and gyrating in a harem costume.

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Exploitation becomes Artifact. The legendary Klaws left us a fascinating film record of a burlesque show in its fading years. It wasn't just bump & grind, it was baggy pants comics, corny gags, and singers of questionable talent. History comes in all forms, and someday, Irving and Paula Klaws should be featured in an exhibit at this Smithsonian.

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Maybe worth it for the nostalgia, and the dancers, but I skipped the comedians and the male singers.

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No comment.

very fond of ANYTHING 40s and 50s Casablanca et al cartoons serials