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Vienna's Lost Daughters2007

  • 4.0
A film filled with life and profound optimistic women. As Jewish children they grew up in Vienna and were part of the ‘Children’s Transport’, 
their parents organised this amazing rescue from the Nazis in 1939. Today these orphaned and transported daughters live in New York, USA, creating a new life and family in another part of the world, 
but never to forget their inheritance. Does “fate” make you stronger? 
The exceptional story of eight women.

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Member Reviews (3)

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top reviewer

An inspiring look into the present day lives and memories of eight extraordinary women survivors of the Holocaust and Kindertransport and the hold, both negative and positive, that their Heimatstadt, Vienna, Austria (a city renkowned for living in its glorious pre-WWII, preferably just prior to WWI, past) still has on them.

Very good ---voice at times did not match the picture although overall the film was good

Absolutely touching! Wonderful documentary