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Wedding in White1972

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  • 3.8
A father will do anything to protect his family's reputation when his unmarried teenage daughter becomes pregnant because she was raped by her brother's friend.



Member Reviews (2)

Incredibly sad, but unfortunately true for many young women during that era and in that situation.....and worse. Kind of shows you how little we have progressed in the treatment of women and girls over the years. Each generation has had its turn at bat degrading women and girls and here we get to see how it was during WWII. The acting was intense, and oftentimes ugly but authentic. Here we get to see men who are nothing more than faded soldier who spend their days drinking themselves senseless, abusing women and one another, all the while thinking they are the wronged party.

Donald Pleasence played the role of the boorish loser to a tee and Carol Kane was superb in her debut performance but the character of Dolly played by Bonnie Carol Case won me over. While the era appears to be depicted appropriately in setting, style, and mores leading to its inevitable conclusion - the conclusion is not satisfying in the least. Thankfully the worst of the bad old days are in the rear view mirror.