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Welcome to Serendipity1998

  • 3.2
An "A-Type" business woman, Maya (Irene Barnett) hitchhikes her way to a ghost town in Death Valley after a fatal car crash, and grows more impatient by the day as the repair of her VW "Bug" drags on. During this forced vacation she gets to know the town's few inhabitants, mostly childless women (like herself), a desk clerk Lori who believes in ghosts, and a seemingly incompetent fixit-man named Robbie (Barry Green). Eventually the desert slows down her pace, lures her to the point where she decides to make a major change in her life and stay on for eternity. Produced as part of Rick Schmidt Workshop.

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top reviewer

A very cleverly constructed work. Remembering a brief visual at the opening of the film becomes a critical revelation and explanation of what has transpired throughout Maya's sojourn in this Death Valley ghost town.