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also known as Tuakiri Huna

White Lies2013

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  • 4.4
Paraiti is the healer and midwife of her rural, tribal people - she believes in life. But new laws in force are prohibiting unlicensed healers, making the practice of much Maori medicine illegal. She gets approached by Maraea, the servant of a wealthy woman, Rebecca, who seeks her knowledge and assistance in order to hide a secret which could destroy Rebecca's position in European settler society. This compelling story tackles moral dilemmas, exploring the nature of identity, societal attitudes to the roles of women and the tension between Western and traditional Maori medicine.

Member Reviews (3)

Beautiful film

Spellbinding and beautiful this film invites the viewer to embrace the mystery of shaamanic practices that reject western medicine and to experience the spiritual and maternal bond that exists naturally between women. It explores the suffering that people inflict on themselves when they sacrifice their identity for material gain. Breathtaking cinematography and authentic characters make this an extraordinary film.

Simply exquisite in every detail of dialog and gesture. A story about how white claimed superiority has infiltrated every corner of the lives of indigenous people. This particular story involves the Maori of New Zealand, but it could have easily have taken place during the Raj of India, in Africa,or anywhere that the British imposed their laws and beliefs to the detriment of native people. A sad and moving film, which is not easy to watch at times and yet compelling in its artistry and reality.