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White Stork is Coming2010

In 2012, White Stork Enterprises insures that baby-hungry couples will bear "perfect" offspring for a mere $100,000. By offering successful embryo fertilization through digital chip technology, "Stork" advertises that they can remove potential disease and negative personality traits from the embryo's genetic code for $5,000 per item. Too good to be true? A con game? Well, a chip-like microfluidic device does exist (develop in Tokyo) that increases the probability of successful in-vitro fertilization from 29% (eggs in a petri dish...) up to 88%. Genetic engineers are close to identifying the codes for various diseases, but after hearing the couples' (and doctor's) real-life stories, it's sad to think that many delightful human peculiarities might disappear, when perfect people walk the earth. Produced as part of Rick Schmidt Workshop.

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