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Why the Anderson Children Didn't Come to Dinner2003

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  • 3.3
The award-winning short film tells the “gloriously surreal” story of three seven year-olds forced to endure their mother’s culinary abuses.

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I used to love brown eggs. I'm not sure I do anymore. I think I need to be held.

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I used to love brown eggs. I'm not sure I do anymore. I think I need to be held.

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top reviewer

WOW!!! I LOVED THIS SHORT! Unsettleingly funny. Its like The Brady Bunch on crack!!!!

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top reviewer

wonderful, whimsy...visually sumptious and delicious

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Very odd...but likable.

top reviewer

Surreal with a side of vegetables please. Lovely film! Note well that this is a student film!

art direction is great. feels a bit derivate of a certain other Anderson. for a student film it's very well done though.

This reminds me of my childhood in Ontario.


darkly humorous

Not my favorite.

Definitely surreal and blackly humorous. I will never look at a brown egg the same way again.

I wasnt too keen but the acting was very well done.

I loved it !!! Way back from the darkest side of mealtime menus and family togethernes this film serves 3 courses of disgust that will be enjoyed by all gourmets...

It was pretty good.

Food for thought

Fab fab fabulous mis-en-scene. Amazed it was a student film.

This is more like Human Psychology. It is useful for me because I am a Medical Assistant in a doctors office. I hear the doctors talk how a persons upbringing at home affects everything about their life success, relationships, health and ability to make money/career.

Some rich people are unsatisfied children who want to make money to feel important. In the same note, other neglected children can turn to socially violent adults to get attention- dysfunction.

It is how each persons brain chemicals function along with their brain neurons/tissues fed by different food. Lack of nutrition in snow and sand deserts.

These studies are always fascinating. Ha anyone read the book - "The man who mistook his wife for a hat" by a neuron-scientist?

These past experiences of children are important to know so when one meets co-workers and prospective friends/relatives to be aware.

Then again - this is not always conclusive. We believe in God and His healing of damaged brains/minds.

Also watched how the Israeli Nazi Regime is damaging perfectly normal brains of Palestinian children in a movie here at Fandor named "Ma'ulul Celebrates Destruction" . The abuse and killings of Palestinians will backfire on the abuser. If all Palestinians leave that area then may be God will sink the Devil that is ruling there? I strongly dislike Colonizers and Occupiers. They are sick humans who were unsatisfied children from mentally sick parents. Thank you.

Next time, just tell us whether or not you liked the frickin movie...

Very bizarre and interesting, great performances by the kids.

I watched this short several years ago on PBS. I've been wanting to see it again, but couldn't find it anywhere...until now. I think it's awesome. Hats off to you, Jamie Travis, and that weird ass family.

SO creepy but I love this creepy little film.

Stupid, stupid, STUPID!!!

Weird... and wonderful?

17 minutes lost.

so much food .what a bitch.

Why the Anderson Children Didn't Come to Dinner is an entertaining yet bazar film about three children a how they escape their mother culinary attempts of pig heads, eggs (not brown), frogs, and of course several of the families cats. The film has an interesting Hansel and Grettle feeling to it and we, the viewer, are left to wonder if these children might be getting fattened up for some unknown reason. It is worth mentioning that the mother who dose all the cooking herself is tethered to and carts around an IV and never takes a bite of anything ever. Or these children are just living this surreal household and one day decide to escape in their own bazar way. I know that I would. This is David and I hope you like my review.

I'm assuming no animals were harmed in its making.