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  • 3.7
A pocket-sized city symphony, WILLIAMSBURG collects some of the first images Jonas Mekas shot with a film camera in 1950 (along with footage from 1972 when he was returning to his old neighborhood as a visitor). Bygone Brooklyn is richly evoked in the everyday life of the street: the elevated train, Lithuanian storefronts and especially in the faces of children surprised to encounter this man with a movie camera. - Max Goldberg

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A time Stamp for sure. Gain and lost.

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A time Stamp for sure. Gain and lost.

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top reviewer

A fascinating look at one of Brooklyn's most vibrant neighborhoods, one that has gone through more than one radical change over the last 60 years. We see it in 1950, the first footage Mekas shot when he came to America, and again in the 1970's. I lived in Williamsburg before it was gentrified, when the streetlife included wonderfully colorful prostitutes & heroin dealers. I loved the neighborhood then and I still do.

Interesting, somehow printed backwards though.

Love the simplicty and harking back aspect.

No sound, no insight. While it's fun to see a few recognizable places a lot of it is unrecognizable. The images lose their charm quickly as images like these can be found in so many documentaries about NYC. I think with some narration, sound and a little more context this could've been much better. It sounds like such a good idea, just not well executed.

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A beautiful walk through 1950's Brooklyn, and a revisitation to the same spots in the 1970s. A nostalgic time-capsule for a bygone area, when Brooklyn was a working class neighborhood full of the potential that makes New York so great.

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