iPhoneWatch Fandor on the go

With the completely redesigned Fandor app, you can easily watch the movies you love wherever you go.

Now you can

  • Get full access to Fandor on all supported devices with in app purchases
  • Easily search films by country, genre, curated lists, and editor's picks
  • Receive personalized recommendations based on your viewing preferences

Other features include

  • Watch trailers and queue up new films
  • Resume playback of movies you started watching (even if you started on your laptop)
  • Rate movies or share with friends via email, Facebook or Tweet it to the world
  • Search by Film title, Director or for keywords
  • See the new releases or popular films on Fandor
  • Watch on any TV with Google Chromecast
  • Watch at home on AppleTV with Airplay

Get started by downloading the Fandor app Fandor iPhone app, now available on the App Store

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